Everyone dies alone

I heard the above statement and it really struck me hard. The great unifier nobody can run away from.

Though we can all gather together as a family when this time nears, the closest of relatives and loved ones will still not be strong enough to withstand the effect of death, which indeed rips us apart and holds us into the most sober of realities:

We all need to face death alone.

Not even pain, nor sadness (who were always our constant companions through life) will be present when death has finally embraced us. No bad memories to haunt us, no beautiful memories to cheer us up, just me and that awareness of death coming along and slowly – but surely – completely taking over of my body (and my soul?).

So it is… There will be nobody and nothing else, but death and me, when the final episode arrives.

YET, there’s a thing we say that still survives death’s stripping down of everyone and everything else in our life. It might be the single-most powerful and crucial thing we have before we hit ultimate rock-bottom:


Some say, where there is hope, there is life. But of course, it depends. If on a crashing airplane, you set your hope on an anvil instead of a parachute, there is little sense of having that hope at all. In fact, in this and many similar cases, if you set your hope on the wrong thing, you might even end up inviting death earlier than necessary.

What do we set our hope on then, when death comes knocking on our door and we have nothing and nobody else to hold on to? Who or what is strong enough to withstand death’s fixed appointment with me?

Well, there is this man who stood up against death and came out victorious after three days. He claims to be God (how else would He beat death?) and as if that was not crazy enough, He promises that those who commit to Him would they themselves come out victorious against death’s trap.

This man, His name was Jesus of Nazareth (many call “The Christ”), roaming the earth around 2,000 years ago, with this unbelievable message, offers until today the only true hope that has that something – actually that someone who will not allow you ever to die alone.

Jesus’ promise is this:

I tell you the truth,
those who listen to My message and believe in God who sent Me have eternal life.
They will never be condemned for their sins,
but they have already passed from death into life.
(John 5:24 NLT)

With Him, death becomes like the prick of a needle, instead of an everlasting, unwanted friend. With Him, life wins forever. Right away, instantaneously (upon following Jesus wholeheartedly), we would be living already in this never-ending life. No need to die first. No need to wait for death. For death…

(1 Corinthians 15:55 NASB)

Death has been already defeated. Nobody must die alone anymore. It’s your choice.


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