Love is in the air

So, there’s this person you found in your life and whoever this is, whenever you see that person’s face, hear that person’s voice, or feel that person’s presence, you are swept off your feet. Day in, day out, you cannot stop thinking of this person. When the day is over, you cannot wait until you see their face, hear their voice, or feel their presence again. Before it becomes an unhealthy obsession, this intense form of infatuation turns into a deeper kind of love for that person. You have this desire to spend eternity with that person. ASAP. Not a minute to waste. The first thing you want to see, hear, and feel every single morning is that person you learned to love. And it better never ends. This intensity should not decrease nor even stagnate. It would be best to be carried away by this growing storm of inner emotions and satisfaction called love. A love focused solely onto a single person in the universe. You belong to each other. You were made for one another.

Reading that, automatically, we think of a human being. When love is in the conversation, we think a beautiful woman or an appealing man. A person who we think will change us permanently for the good – ultimate happiness and unending peace. We think and want that to be love. Movies and books make us believe that. Couples we see on the street or in our circle of friends and family show us, this is what we want – this is what we need!

Before you dive into something this great, maybe you could do me a favor first and join me in this experiment:

Assuming you are a Christian, you probably know about Jesus Christ’s two Great Commandments of love and probably, you believe you are somewhere within that area of loving God and people around you sufficiently (or at the very least you are trying). Would you then please read the first paragraph again? This time think that person is God. Imagine what it would mean to your life, if God was indeed that person who would occupy all your time, thoughts and the space around you and in your heart.

If you know anything about Christianity, then you know that God should be enough. At least, that’s what we sing in songs and that’s what we say in front of others in our fellowships. Heck, even Paul, the Uber-apostle stated (in his own opinion) that we don’t need another spouse (1 Cor. 7:6-7).

Yes, exactly. Jesus Christ is the bridegroom and if you consider yourself part of the Church, that makes you automatically His bride. Ever thought of that?

God can be enough for us, if we allow Him to.

This is true romance… This is fulfilling joy in love… That the bride and bridegroom will be united for eternity at a great wedding feast. Wrap your head around that. The sooner you do, the sooner you can start waking up day in, day out, seeing, hearing and feeling your one true love and truly enjoying it.


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