Hate crimes

Many a people group have been mistreated in the past and unfortunately, it doesn’t stay there. It reverberates in the hearts of these victim’s descendants. A very interesting phenomenon seen for example in the attitude of Afro-Americans presently, although they themselves haven’t gone through their ancestor’s harsh trials.

The Jews went through a very great ordeal themselves. More so through many centuries and many continents even. Even in ancient Bible times, we can see their many struggles with other cultures. And today, we find them to be a very secluded people.

However, with this I would like to pay tribute to group of people, who nobody wants to talk about, let alone pity. And that’s perfectly good so. This group of people called the disciples of Christ aren’t after their personal justice nor are they worried about their own well-being as much as they are all about the destiny of the others and the glory of their God.

As the world talks about the many “hate crimes” that came upon millions of people in the past and the present, these other people have no interest in being included in those numbers.

How could they?

It would be embarrassing. These disciples look onto their Master who has Himself undergone the vilest and most unjust of all crimes ever done to an innocent person in history. And He never said a thing. Now it’s time for His followers to do the same…

For you have been called for this purpose,
since Christ also suffered for you,
leaving you an example for you to follow in His steps,
(1 Peter 2:21 NASB)



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