Why heaven?

This might seem a petty thing to consider, but it surely can turn a Christian’s life around for the better:

Why do you want to go to heaven?

It’s crucial to ponder about this for a bit. Are you in this for the heavenly benefits? Or did you become a Christian, because you want more of God?

Heaven is only a byproduct. But if it becomes the main dish, all your beliefs, your perspectives in life and ultimately all your behavior shift to accommodate the reaching of that goal called heaven – and God then, is sadly reduced to become the means to an end. God ends up being the key to unlock heaven’s gates…

Instead, if believers would open their eyes to see that God Himself is “heaven”, then and only then, can we in this life already delight in Him (more) fully. There is no need to wait for something better – heaven has already arrived.

One thing I have asked from the LORD, that I shall seek:
that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life,
to behold the beauty of the LORD and to meditate in His temple.
(Psalms 27:4 NASB)

The only thing that could excite us about the place called heaven is the fact that there is no interference or obstacles in meeting Him anymore. We are right there, where He is. We get to see Him finally from face to face. To a child who has been yearning to see his father, that alone is heaven!

“The city shall be 18,000 cubits round about;
and the name of the city from that day shall be,
The LORD is there.'”
(Ezekiel 48:35 NASB)

Only God really matters.


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