Avoid repeating someone’s ignorance

We’ve all done it before. We heard a famous pastor say something seemingly profound and jotted it down with the intention to spread that revitalizing revelation on social media or our small-group meetings. We assume (too quickly) they’ve done their homework and studied enough theology to save us the time and effort of spending time in the Word of God and in His presence ourselves.

It’s bad enough, if we spread our own ignorance and most of the time, we can’t do anything about it, since it’s our ignorance that gets us there in the first place. That’s why it’s called ignorance.

But for Christians, there is an ignorance that is never a bliss: When you repeat after someone else’s ignorance. There shouldn’t be any excuse for this for two reasons.

One, you’re hurting yourself with someone else’s ignorance. If someone told you there were cookie-eating whales floating on the moon, you wouldn’t grab that tale and spread it around as a truth – it would make you look like a fool on some other fools account.

Two, as a Bible-reading Christian, you should’ve stumbled at least once over Acts 17:11. It’s about a group of men called “The Bereans” who weren’t so much impressed by the “Apostles” title and reputation that went ahead of them. Instead they were “examining the Scriptures daily to see whether these things were so”, because of their eagerness to receive the Word.

Check out some of the most famous quotes in Christianity, whether it matches God’s word, before you make it your own little story… Does God really just love the sinner and only hates the sin? Should we really only preach the Gospel in words, if necessary? Did Jesus really ride a donkey in order that we can have a car or our own private jet plane?

Does the Bible in its entirety confirm these ideas?

Please, do remember that the only thing that is infallible is the Word of God. No matter how anointed the preacher is, how gifted the speaker may be, how quaint the pastor ministers to the flock… They are all but imperfect human beings in need of grace and tested with God’s wisdom by the saints at all times.


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