When God calls us a hypocrite

I know it’d be quite a heavy message for anyone to receive. Nobody really likes to hear it, but as a true disciple of Jesus, you want to hear everything God has to say – whether good or bad.

You are a hypocrite.

Anytime God calls someone a hypocrite in the Bible, we would immediately think, that’s someone else. But maybe, God wants to warn us how hypocrites look like and that any of us, no matter how great a Christian we think we are (look at Peter in Galatians two), have the potential to become a hypocrite.

Actually, that’s exactly when we should start listening up for our own good – when God calls you a hypocrite!

Hypocrites in the Bible all have one thing in common:

They claim to be believers, people of God, sons and daughters of the Most High, Christians and/or Disciples of Christ, but they all fail to do the will of God.

Jesus told us a parable in Matthew 21 about a father and two sons (no, the other parable). It starts in verse 28 where the father tells the first son to do something and the son didn’t like the idea at first, but eventually warmed up to it and obediently finished the task. The second did the complete opposite: He said he’d do it, but got cold feet and totally ignored the request of the father. Now the interesting part is Jesus’ question to us:

“Which of the two did the will of his father?”
(Matthew 21:31 NASB)

You see, it doesn’t matter what wrong you’re doing now or what right you’ve not been doing at all. Nobody really cares how convincing you can say “Lord, Lord” and how great your prayers in public were or the many healing crusades you’ve conducted. You’d still just be a hypocrite looking, sounding and maybe even smelling like a son, but if you haven’t been doing as you were told, you’ll never be a real child of God/Christian/Disciple of Christ.

PS: The good thing is this (and that’s the moral of the story): You can start a hypocrite, but turn around and prove yourself still to be a true son by doing the will of your Father.


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