Leadership DON’TS

Important note: There is no such thing as a Christian leader, if they weren’t a disciple and servant of Christ first.

These principles are based on experience coupled with Biblical principles of servant leadership.

  • Don’t EVER attack people you are leading
    (As a leader, you have been given a stewardship over the souls and hearts of people… They come to you to get help from the hurts they received in the world – not to receive new wounds from you.)
  • Don’t make ANY excuses
    (You are given a position of responsibility. The number one sign of an incompetent leader is when he/she is unwilling to step up in conflict situations and take responsibility for certain actions – regardless who is in fault and what exactly happened.)
  • Don’t make promises you cannot keep – Matt. 5:37
    (Even if you don’t use the words “I promise”, when you say something, make an effort to keep your word. Otherwise, you show a lack of integrity and commitment.)
  • Don’t meet unprepared
    (The main tool in leading people is the gathering with them. In these “meetings” you see how much value a leader puts in the group he/she is leading.)
  • Don’t meet inconsistently
    (Frequent gatherings further spiritual growth and if you care about the people God has given you, you will invest in them a very .)
  • Don’t make it a habit to come late.
    (It shows a sense of disrespect and favoritism (towards others usually of higher position). I found people CAN indeed come on time, if they really deem the event or the people to be important.)
  • Don’t show favoritism
    (To honor people doesn’t mean to put those first in higher positions or a greater paygrade or who you get along better with. Instead, God tells us to serve the unlovable and prioritize the poor, the sick and the hurting.)
  • Don’t just teach or preach
    (God hates hypocrites. They don’t practice what they teach/preach. This is not to be mistaken with teaching/preaching only what you have perfected. Instead, when God gives you a message to share with others, make it of an utmost urgency to apply it to your own life as well.)
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